EMI Products Achieve UL94V0 Certification

EMI Seals and Gaskets has achieved UL94 V0 certification for a range of solid and sponge materials. 301 Silicone Rubber↵ 401 Silicone Sponge↵ This certification underscores their commitment to providing high-quality, fire-safe materials to their customers. Indeed, while many companies may claim that their materials have been tested to, comply to or meet UL94 V0, […]

UK Ministry of Defence CyDR Accreditation Approval

EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd has achieved the UK Ministry of Defence’s CyDR Accreditation. This prestigious accreditation highlights EMI’s longstanding commitment to ensuring unparalleled security and reliability to it’s clients. Blair Johnstone, General Manager at EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd, comments “As EMI continues to grow, the security of our clients will remain at the […]

Cyber Essential Plus Certification

We are pleased to announce that EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus Status. Blair Johnstone General Manager at EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd comments “Our clients’ security and the infrastructure of our IT systems are of the utmost importance to us. Our IT team work hard to ensure the robust safety […]

Rapid Prototyping

EMI Seals & Gaskets has decades of development and manufacturing expertise in the industrial, military & defence, aerospace, automotive, and hazardous area industries. The engineers at EMI Seals and Gaskets are experienced in all prototyping methods, understanding their strengths and limits, and will select the optimal prototyping method and controls for your unique application. Please […]

Reverse Engineering Seals and Gaskets

The process of reverse engineering gaskets Identification and selection of materials Our technical experts have extensive experience assisting clients in identifying materials for particular applications. EMI Seals and Gaskets’ engineers will examine your sample components, measure their qualities, and evaluate your application to identify the best and most cost-effective material(s) for the task. We also […]

JOSCAR Supplier Accreditation

JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is a collaborative tool used by a growing number of prime contractors in the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information. EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd has been awarded JOSCAR accreditation. EMI Seals & Gaskets has a rich history of working with […]

Custom Rubber Gaskets, Seals & Mouldings

We produce high-quality custom rubber gaskets, seals, and mouldings to the greatest tolerances for the most demanding conditions. In a range of materials, colours, and shore hardnesses, we can manufacture innovative sealing and shielding products. EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd has assisted businesses all over the world in overcoming some of the most challenging problems. […]

Toxic Smoke Inhalation – The Silent Killer

Importance of UL94 V0 certification for Seals, Gaskets, and Mouldings Were you aware that people are much more likely to die from smoke than burns during a fire? Toxic fumes obstruct eyesight, irritate the eyes and lungs, and makes it difficult to breathe. Mental capacity loss, dizziness, fear, and finally unconsciousness leading to death are […]