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EMI Seals & Gaskets in Telecommunications and Satellites

Sealing and Shielding in Satellite and Telecommunications Sector

When it comes to telecommunications equipment, its performance is affected by a variety of environmental factors, including electromagnetic interference (EMI) emitted by telecom devices or appliances. This equipment sometimes necessitates gaskets that suit particular needs, such as sealing against wind-driven precipitation, redirecting airflow in heat exchanging modules or cooling systems, Thermally conductive gaskets to dissipate hot spots, Low off gas materials for space applications, shielded optical windows, to mention but a few.

Power supply noise, repeater stations antenna propagation, and other sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI) can weaken electronic system separation and create cross-talk across circuits, compromising the fast, reliable, and continuous 5G service that consumers demand.

For many years, as an ISO 9001-2015 certified firm, we have collaborated with manufacturers of telecommunications and satellite communications equipment. We have helped keep the lines of communication open by developing materials that help seal the elements out of electronic equipment and satellites. We have created pieces to safeguard sensitive Fibre Optic cables as well as materials that are tough enough to keep even the harshest weather from destroying this equipment.

Shielding solutions for Telecom Base Station units

5G, the next generation of communication system infrastructure, has been in use since 2019. 5G base station antennas are a major enabler of 5G communication. Our innovative solutions assist consumers in achieving actual connectedness. Our materials are used in 5G applications like as antennas, radomes, and enclosures.

At a higher frequency than earlier communications technologies, sophisticated 5G base stations direct individual radio frequency transmissions to every network user within range. Base stations are densely packed with racks of equipment such as Baseband Units (BBUs) or Split Centralized Unit – Distributed Unit (CU-DU), which operate at high power densities and fast service speeds.

Innovative cooling methods with great thermal performance outperform 5G base station power needs, safeguarding base station signal integrity and prolonging the lifetime of all components. Severe weather and the need to reduce servicing requirements increase demand for passive cooling systems and tough material solutions that seal and protect base station devices.

The multiple components contained in these ground stations are exposed to significant electromagnetic and environmental limitations with the advent of 5G on the network. Damage caused by inadequate EMC shielding causes system problems, which can result in total or partial transmission failure. That’s why EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd offers all of our experts and technical staff at your disposal to help you identify the customised solution that is best suited to your electromagnetic and environmental restrictions.

Shielding solutions for Telecom Server

5G networks allow upcoming big data utilisation, necessitating the use of additional servers for communication, data storage, and edge computing. This will not only increase the number of servers, but will also create a need for higher-performing solutions. We work with component manufacturers to create innovative next-generation connection devices.

Proper heat management is essential for data centres to run effectively. EMI Seals & Gaskets provide solutions with extraordinarily low thermal resistance properties to aid in the heat dissipation of server CPUs. Our sealing systems include high thermal conductivity as well as high stability, penetration, temperature resistance, and minimal bleed. These features allow the sealing solutions to move heat away from electronics, hence contributing to the enhanced reliability and operating efficiency of electronic components.

Shielding solutions for Telecom Cabinets, Enclosures, and Racks

Cabinets and racks are mostly utilised in the telecommunications industries. They manage cabling systems to provide the security and control of communications networks. With our EMC corrosion-resistant solutions and electrically conductive silicone line, EMI Seals & Gaskets provides comprehensive solutions to provide high-performance electromagnetic shielding, water tightness, and excellent corrosion resistance against environmental aggression.

For electronic enclosure seams, power and signal panels, and connections, 5G telecommunications gaskets require trustworthy EMI shielding. With the proliferation of 5G networks, the separation of critical circuits and electrical equipment is becoming increasingly crucial, particularly in urban environments.

Shielding solutions for Telecom infrastructure installations

The installation of 5G infrastructure is complicated by limited space and growing power density. All parts must be weather resistant to survive temperature extremes and harsh environmental conditions and are optimised for efficiency and performance in small designs. To improve dependable operation, maintain radio access networks, and preserve overall system uptime, power amplifiers, controllers, converters, receivers, transceivers, and transmitters require revolutionary thermal management systems that cool expanding power loads in progressively smaller volumes.

Some equipment, such as converters, operate in a totally encased environment with no forced convection and operating temperatures that can approach extremes. Electrical and mechanical issues arise when complicated and high-powered components are packed into small outdoor locations. Electromagnetic interference shields protect signal integrity. Electrically insulating barriers are used to prevent spark voltage and flame. With sturdy, durable enclosure gaskets, you can seal and insulate against the environment and temperature extremes.

UL 94-V0 Compliant materials for the telecommunications sector

We provide racks and cabinets for indoor applications such as data centres, telephone exchanges/central offices, head ends, and outdoors IP-rated active and passive cabinets for fixed and wireless broadband, as well as cell towers for mobile network operators (MNOs). The necessity for materials to fulfil flame rating criteria, particularly UL 94V-0, is a recurring theme among clients in the telecommunications sector. The most often specified silicone foam gasket and thermally conductive materials are UL 94V-0 compliant.

The Future - LIFI, the Next Generation of Secure Telecommunications

LiFi is proactively impacting wireless communications in defence contexts and is quickly being recognized as the most secure form of wireless communication. The use of LiFi technology offers a safer alternative to electromagnetic radiation from radio frequency communications. Lifi is becoming the future and it wil not be long before LIFI is introduced into the workplace and home.

EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd has been working closely with a recognised, world leading LiFi company to design, manufacture and supply enclosure Seals, Gaskets, Shielding and Optical Shielded Windows that can withstand the strains and rigours associated with the defence environment that can be utilised in more commercial applications.

Water-Jet cut gaskets for telecommunication devices

Our unique range of shielding solutions can be found in use within the telecommunications industry around the world. Our range of EMI and RFI seals, gaskets, and extrusions as well as our solid rubbers glands are fitted to a huge number of telecommunication cabinets and enclosures.

We routinely collaborate with engineers in the telecom equipment business. Thermal gasket specifications are frequently recognised in the late stages of the design cycle. Our water jet cutting skills enable us to offer prototype gaskets fast, in order to fix last-minute design challenges.

Because telecommunication devices vary in size and form, we ensure that our sealing solutions would fit inside the products with extraordinary precision. To do this, we use CAD-aided programming to expertly develop bespoke seals and gaskets. Our water cut gaskets are valued by customers due to their accuracy. We have the option of using a range of materials, including rubber, neoprene and silicone, to mention a few.

To see how our range makes us the perfect partner for your telecommunications industry business please contact our technical or relationship management team.