Foil and Masking Shielding Tapes

Conductive Foil And Masking Tape EMI seals & gaskets

  • EMI are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of conductive foil tapes designed specifically for EMI/RFI, ESD and Grounding applications. We have further developed these basic foil tapes into a range of conductive masking products including tapes and gaskets which we call “Bake and Peel”.
  • The standard range of foil tapes are all coated with F2525 Silver filled acrylic adhesive which has extremely low electrical resistance and are as follows:-

F384 – High tensile Copper foil, readily accepts solder.

F385 – Tin Clad Copper foil, readily accepts solder, corrosion resistant.

F386 – High tensile Aluminium foil, high conformability for complex and intricate applications.

F577 – High tensile copper foil, which readily accepts solder and uses a Carbon adhesive for low a low cost solution.

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