EMI/EMC/RFI Shielding Products


Cond-O-Flon has been developed to provide the chemical and food industries, in particular, with a universally applicable conductive gasket material.

Due to its highly conductive nature, this material is now lending itself to specific applications within the Electronics, Telecom, Military, Aerospace and Automotive sectors where its unique properties are ideal, particularly in hazardous or hostile environments.

Custom Grades including MilSpec, Def STAN, NSN, AS & DTD available. Contact us for your unique requirements.

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This material, intended for difficult chemical and thermal applications, is particularly adaptable to uneven surfaces. Features of the material are its high compressibility, creep (cold flow) resistant, built-in memory, non-expanded, highly inert and anti-adhesive properties. In these respects, it is far superior to any comparable materials. In addition it is particularly suitable where sensitive flange materials, such as glass or ceramic, could be damaged by excessively hard seals.

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