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EMI Seals & Gaskets in The Marine Industry

Our Experience in The Marine Industry

Our specialist marine seals and gaskets can be split into commercial and leisure sectors. With the marine environment being particularly harsh on traditional black rubbers, our marine seals and gaskets are designed to withstand the rigours of the environment for much longer periods as well as offering superior performance and properties including IP68 ratings. Our silicones can be compounded to any colour ensuring a combination of high quality products with the benefits of customisation to suit your needs and brand. Products include rubbing streaks, marine hatch seals, porthole seals, instumescent and flame proof seals, marine enclosure seals, marine extrusions, as well as fuel seals, sonar gaskets, plate gaskets, flange gaskets, mast gaskets, etc.

Our marine seals and gaskets are used in many marine applications from RIB's to Lifeboats, from Sailing and Motor Yachts to Aircraft Carriers, and Subsea ROV's and AUV's. Whether they are for production craft or one off builds, using our marine seals and marine gaskets will ensure you are using the industries best.

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