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Architectural shielding plays a crucial role in safeguarding against EMI, RFI, EMC & EMP interference ensuring the security, reliability & health of people, information & equipment.

This shielding can be designed and integrated into a building or facility to be unobtrusive or aesthetically pleasing whilst performing it’s essential role.

We have secured military installations, laboratories, garages, theaters & hangars.

Architectural Shielding protects against:

  1. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Protection: Architectural shielding prevents unwanted electromagnetic waves from interfering with sensitive electronic equipment. By using conductive materials or coatings, it creates a barrier that absorbs or reflects EMI. This shielding is essential in environments where critical systems—such as medical devices, communication networks, or data centres—are susceptible to disruptions. Properly designed shielding ensures reliable operation by minimizing EMI-induced glitches or malfunctions.
  2. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Mitigation: RFI can disrupt wireless communication systems, such as Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and radio broadcasts. Architectural shielding minimizes RFI by enclosing spaces with shielding materials. These materials act as a shield against external radio frequency signals, reducing signal leakage and improving overall communication quality. Whether it’s an office building, hospital, or manufacturing facility, RFI mitigation enhances connectivity and prevents interference-related issues.
  3. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Enhancement: EMC ensures that electronic devices can coexist without causing interference. Architectural shielding optimizes EMC by controlling emissions (outgoing interference) and susceptibility (incoming interference). Proper shielding design prevents cross-talk between adjacent systems, ensuring system reliability. Whether it’s shielding sensitive equipment from external sources or preventing internal components from interfering with each other, architectural shielding contributes to a harmonious electromagnetic environment.
  4. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): EMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation that can disrupt and damage electronic devices, power grids, and communication systems. An EMP can occur naturally from solar flares or be generated artificially from nuclear explosions or high-altitude detonations. Different types of EMP protection exist, including specifically designed protection for small electronics (like laptops and smartphones) and larger systems (such as power grids and communication networks).

In summary, architectural shielding not only protects against EMI, RFI, EMC, and EMP interference but also ensures the safety, privacy, and functionality of our interconnected world.

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