Bespoke Manufacturer of Seals, Gaskets & Shielding to Tier 1 Defence Companies.

A Legacy of Excellence: EMI Seals & Gaskets boasts a rich history of collaboration with and provision for the defence sector. Our defence seals and gasket products adorn jets, ships, and military vehicles globally, showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality.

Excellence in Defence Seals & Gaskets



EMI Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the vessel’s various systems and compartments. Due to the extreme environments of a submarine, Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, and exposure to radiation.

EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd provides custom designed products for nuclear submarines using the highest quality materials that have been approved for submarine applications including reactor compartments. These products are designed to meet the requirements for critical systems such as the reactor coolant system, auxiliary seawater system, hydraulic systems, bulkheads, HVAC and watertight compartments as well as Shielding to protect critical electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference.

EMI provide bespoke solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of these critical vessels.



Ongoing Naval projects include the latest Type 26 Frigate, which is a highly advanced warship designed to operate in complex and challenging environments.

The Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products that EMI have designed and developed are produced to withstand extreme temperatures, water exposure, and corrosive substances commonly found in marine applications. EMI Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products are custom made to fit the various components on ships. Common types of products we can supply include seals for hatches, Windows, Doors, Access Panels, Bulkhead Seals, anti-vibration mounts on lights, Deck lights and more.

Our EMI Seals & Gaskets are designed to provide reliable shielding to ensure the uninterrupted operation of ships like the Type 26 Frigate’s complex electronic systems. EMI have many years of experience in design, materials and shielding when supplying products to the marine industry.

EMI has the expertise and capabilities to deliver customised solutions that meet the demanding needs of the vessels like the Type 26 Frigate.


EMI provides a range of aircraft grade materials and components with a multitude of features such as anti-vibration or noise dampening (NVH and BSR). They are designed to absorb vibrations and shock, preventing this from transferring to the cabin and act as insulation between different components.

We provide products including Fluorosilicone O Rings, made to order Bonded Washers in a range of Specified Elastomers and Metals to Shielded Gaskets and Passive Fire Materials.



MI Seals & Gaskets provide a range of materials that are suitable for use in Aerospace environments and applications, that are ideal for UAV applications, including Silicone, Fluorosilicone, and EPDM. These materials offer excellent resistance to UV radiation, ozone, and weathering, making them suitable for use in outdoor environments.

Our products are made of high-quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, and environmental factors. EMI offer bespoke Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products to meet the specific needs of our UAV manufactures.

In addition, our products are designed to provide EM and RF shielding to prevent electromagnetic interference that could disrupt the UAV’s communication systems. EMI Seals & Gaskets focus on quality and customisation which makes us the perfect choice as a reliable, innovative, cutting-edge supplier.


Aircraft, Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products, must perform in some of the most challenging conditions possible. Materials need to meet a myriad of technical requirements including high and low temperatures, flame retardance standards, resistance to corrosive fluids, extreme pressure, and vibration.

EMI can offer a range of fully traceable products that have been specifically designed to meet aviation requirements. Materials include Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Perfluoroelastomer, Vitons, PTFE’s and Polyurethanes as well as an extensive range of Conductive rubbers, Conductive Foils and Fabrics and Conductive PTFE. Finished products include High performance O Rings, Bonded Washers, Gaskets, Reinforced Diaphragms, Pump Seals, HTE Seals, Firewall materials, Antenna and Radar Seals.


Guided ordnance refers to precision-guided weapons that require complex electronics to operate, such as missile guidance systems. These systems must be protected from electromagnetic interference and environmental factors such as extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

EMI Seals & Gaskets offer a range of Gasket materials, including Stainless EMI Shielding Strips, Conductive Elastomers, Filters, Honeycomb Vents, Conductive Foam, and Wire Mesh Gaskets, among others, to provide the best fit for specific applications.


EMI Seals and Gasket offer a range of Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products including Finger Stock, Conductive Elastomers, Wire Mesh, Fabric over Foam and Metallised Foils and Fabrics amongst many other options to provide the best possible solutions.

Guided missiles are used in military operations to engage aerial targets such as aircraft, helicopters, and drones.

These missiles consist of various components, including Seals Gaskets and Shielding products that are critical for sealing the system against moisture, dust, and debris.

These products used in guided missiles are typically made of high-grade Silicone rubber or Fluorosilicone materials to provide excellent environmental sealing and resistance to extreme temperatures.

Additionally, these gaskets must be capable of maintaining their sealing properties under extreme environmental conditions, including high humidity, salt spray, and UV radiation. EMI Seals & Gaskets provide specialised products that are designed to meet the unique needs of missile systems.


There are many aspects to consider when designing for the extreme environment of space. At EMI we specialise in solving problems that you may have with our expert consultancy design team along with our industry leading materials.

When designing solutions for any space application there are a number of the aspects that need to be considered, Radiation, Temperature, Outgassing, Thermal & Electrical Conductivity, RF & EM Shielding, Material Operational Ranges, Ingress Protection, Lifespan and of course Weight.

Over the years, working on space projects like the Mars Rover or very recently two new Lunar Exploration Rovers, various space delivery vehicles, as well as various LEO, MEO and GEO Satellites, we have formulated a range of materials and designs that enable us to meet the exacting standards required for such critical applications.


In today’s theatre of operation, all military vehicles not only require traditional Seals and Gaskets for drivetrains and interiors, but also more advanced materials capable of withstanding NBC attacks and with the increase of electronics, advanced communications, and even autonomous vehicles the use of Electronic Shielding materials to meet EMI, RFI and EMP challenges is even more essential.

From O Rings to Hatch Seals to Shielded Honeycomb Filtered Vent Panels, with an extensive range of products, materials and application knowledge, EMI Seals and Gaskets makes the perfect supply partner.


A military vehicle is designated as any vehicle designed for land-based military transport or military activity, including combat vehicles.

EMI are proud to have been awarded the contract to supply Seals, Gaskets and Shielding products for the state-of-the-art RBSL BOXER wheeled armoured vehicle. The boxer design allows it to be configured in multiple mission modules.

EMI is supplying a wide range of products including, Door seals, Hatch Seals, Pads, Mats, Connectors, O Rings, Gaskets Wear Strips, Anti-slip pads and Shielding components.


EMI have been involved with Lifi since its inception and have helped design the Sealing, Shielding and Optical Panels in a number of units that are extensively deployed in defence requirements. LiFi is proactively impacting wireless communications in defence contexts and is quickly being recognised as the most secure form of wireless communication.

The use of LiFi technology offers a safer alternative to electromagnetic radiation from radio frequency communications. Lifi is becoming the future and it will not be long before LIFI is introduced into the workplace and home.

Defence Sealing Solutions: Meeting Industry Standards

At EMI Seals & Gaskets, we specialise in providing top-quality O-rings, seals, gaskets, and related products for the Defence industry. Our products conform to a wide range of industry standards set by prominent organisations including:





  ISO 9001:2015


  ISO 14001:2015


  ISO 45001:2018






  Cyber Essentials Plus




  MAKE Defence UK



  • AIA: Aerospace Industries Association
  • SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers
  • ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials
  • CAA: Civil Aviation Authority
  • FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
  • AS: Aerospace Standard (issued by SAE)
  • AN: Air Force-Navy (also known as Military Standard or Mil-Spec)
  • AMS: Aerospace Material Specification
  • ARP: Aerospace Recommended Practice (issued by SAE)
  • DoD: Department of Defence (United States)
  • DStan: Defence Standard (United Kingdom)
  • NA: Naval Air Systems Command (United States)
  • NAM: NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
  • NAS: National Aerospace Standard
  • NASM: National Air and Space Museum
  • NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
  • NDS: Naval Design Standard (United States)
  • NSN: NATO Stock Number
  • M: Military Standard (Mil-Spec)
  • Mil: Military Specification (Mil-Spec)
  • MOD: Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom)
  • MS: Military Standard (Mil-Spec)


In summary, Defence seals, gaskets, and shielding products are essential for maintaining the safety, reliability, and performance of aircraft systems. Their specialised design, materials, testing, and certification ensure they meet the demanding requirements of the Defence industry and contribute to the overall success of Defence missions.

Our commitment to adhering to these standards ensures that our Defence sealing solutions meet the stringent requirements of the industry. Whether you need seals for engines, hydraulic systems, fuel systems, or avionics, you can trust EMI Seals & Gaskets to deliver products of the highest quality and reliability.