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EMI Seals & Gaskets in Lighting

Our Experience of Seals & Gaskets in The Lighting Industry

Our seals and gaskets designed for the Lighting Industry cover all lighting applications and enclosures. They are individually manufactured according to the environment of use, type and design of lighting enclosure, the materials used in the build of the enclosure or housing, and the manner of its use.  The rise of LED use in both commercial and domestic industries has seen requirements for lighting and luminaires, the enclosures, and seals and gaskets change. Our Lighting and luminaire seals and gaskets are designed specifically for their particular housing or enclosure and they can be manufactured to meet even the most stringent IP applications.

Our hazardous area expertise means that our lighting and luminaire seals and gaskets are perfectly suited for use in harsh and demanding environments where only the highest quality products are acceptable. We can help in the design of the optimum lighting enclosure at the initial design stage, or work with existing luminaire and lighting enclosures in order to design the best seal and gasket solution for the requirements.

You can talk to our technical or relationship management teams to see how our experience in creating lighting enclosure solutions can be applied to your lighting industry business applications.

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