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Our Experience of Seals & Gaskets in The Lighting Industry

EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd specialises in bespoke lighting and luminaire seals and gaskets. Custom gaskets and seals are available for a variety of both indoor and outdoor lighting applications and products, including flood lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, LED fixtures, landscape and architectural fixtures, fluorescents, and lamps. We collaborate with lighting manufacturers to deliver the most reliable sealing solutions for their most demanding lighting applications.

As lens seals, housing gaskets, thermal management gaskets, and assembly tapes, gaskets are employed in both indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Furthermore, both indoor and outdoor lighting systems generate a significant amount of heat. Elastomers that keep out water, wind, and dust while also resisting ozone, sunshine, and a wide variety of temperatures are important for outdoor lighting.

Lighting Enclosure Gaskets or Housing Gaskets

A gasket essentially replicates the form of the housing, allowing the enclosure to be screwed to the wall while maintaining a compressible seal behind or within it. Because the walls are generally uneven, the flexible gasket allows for compression, resulting in a perfect air and water tight seal. This prevents the light from becoming inoperable due to water infiltration.

Lighting enclosures are continually subjected to changing weather conditions, which might have an effect on a product's performance. Gaskets and seals must have strong compression set qualities as well as long-term environmental resistance to completely prevent undesirable pests, moisture, dirt, and dust that can compromise lighting performance.

The most common reason of lighting failure is a sudden change in temperature, which can create pressure fluctuations inside a lighting enclosure. If this pressure is not regulated, a vacuum effect could pull in impurities and moisture, leading in condensation and failure.

Our lighting industry seals and gaskets cover all lighting applications and enclosures. They are individually created based on the environment of use, the kind and design of lighting enclosure, the materials used in the enclosure or housing's construction, and the way in which it is utilised. Our project with a North American Hazardous area Lighting Company is one example of our work with Lighting Enclosures.

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Our High-Performance Closed Cell Silicone Sponge in lighting industry

The elastomer industry now offers a diverse selection of rubbers to lighting engineers, designers, and purchasers. With so many options available, it is critical to pick the exact specification of rubber with appropriate grades, forms, and thickness to maximize application performance.

It is critical to choose the proper material for LED lighting applications since electrical enclosures that fail to keep out water, moisture, or dust can result in considerable downtime and maintenance expenses. Our material engineers created a high-performance closed cell silicone sponge with several protective qualities, including heat and weathering resistance.

For the lighting market, our technical professionals have created an unrivalled unique silicone rubber solution. It has various protective characteristics, including resistance to heat and weathering. High heat resistant lighting necessitates a strong and dependable material, and we can develop, prototype, and test solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and lighting requirements.

Our closed cell silicone sponge has exceptional protective qualities, capable of meeting higher Intrusion Protection (IP) ratings, assuring high-quality sealing, minimal water absorption, and a reduced danger of water and dust ingress. London underground would require low smoke/low toxic materials in case there is a fire. This is where our more dedicated closed cell silicone sponge is used. Our exclusive Closed Cell Silicone sponge outperforms the HT800 (silicone foams) and BF1000 (low density silicone foams) in terms of sealing and flame retardancy.

Outdoor lighting, for applications like the hazardous area sector, will require gaskets that efficiently seal throughout the life of the device. Silicone foam and closed cell silicone sponge are commercially available in a variety of thickness and density ranges, giving the lighting designer a variety of alternatives.

IP code and UL94 V0 Rating (Flame and Fire resistance)

The increased usage of LEDs in both commercial and residential industries has changed the requirements for lighting and luminaires, enclosures, and seals and gaskets. Our lighting and luminaire gaskets and seals are custom-made to fit their individual housing or enclosure and may be built to fulfil even the most rigorous IP requirements.

A front panel gasket, enclosure door gasket, access panel gasket, gland plate gasket, or connection gaskets are all examples of enclosure gaskets. All of these factors must be taken into account if your enclosure is required to achieve UL or Def-Stan gasketing requirements. Our materials have undergone flammability testing (UL94 V0, EN and Def-Stan)

Because of our expertise in hazardous areas, our lighting and luminaire seals and gaskets are ideal for use in hard and demanding conditions where only the highest quality goods are allowed. We could assist in the initial design of the best lighting enclosure, or we can work with existing luminaires and lighting enclosures to build the best seal and gasket solution for the needs.

We have created IP-rated customer-specific solutions for high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down applications. These applications are dustproof and resistant to high-pressure and steam cleaning. In our small terminal IP68 box project, our innovative sealing system does not displace, thus the enclosure will keep its IP68 classification even after repeated opening and shutting, and it has been tested to mimic a 20-year life cycle.

We can work with you to select the best gasket or seal material for your lighting application based on your specs and tolerance needs. Speak with our technical teams to discuss how our experience designing lighting enclosures can be used to your lighting industry business applications.

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