EMI/EMC/RFI Shielding Products

Vents, Panels, Screens & Filters

EMI produce a comprehensive range of Vents, Panels, Screens and Filters (shielded & un-shielded) that are all primarily designed to allow unrestricted air-flow whilst preventing the transmission of electromagnetic interference (EMI). They are used wherever there is a requirement for air cooling or to allow ventilation without compromising the shielding integrity of an enclosure.

Custom Grades including MilSpec, Def STAN, NSN, AS & DTD available. Contact us for your unique requirements.

  1. Thin Attenuation Vent Panels
    Thin vent panels, or thin screen shields (TSS), are designed for applications where space is limited full-size honeycomb vents aren’t feasible.
  2. Honeycomb Vent Panels
    The most commonly used type of vent is based on Aluminium honeycomb panels mounted in an extruded Aluminium frame. The honeycomb media has a very high open area and therefore allows good air flow with minimal pressure drop.
  3. EMI Shielding Dust Filters
    Electronic filter and dust shields perform 3 functions. They attenuate RFI, provide for the passage of cooling air and filter large dust particles from the airflow.
  4. High Performance/EMP Vents
    These are the types of vents designed for very high levels of performance and/or more arduous conditions
  5. Low-Cost Fan Vent Panels
    They provide EMC shielding where applications demand a low cost solution, whilst still providing adequate shielding performance. These can be manufactured quickly for fast delivery and significantly more cost effective if small volume shielding vents are required.

Please remember that this data is here to help guide you, however our industry leading technical team is on hand to help with your specific requirements. Contact us directly for our years of expertise.

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