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EMI Seals & Gaskets in Building and Construction

Building and Construction Industry

Modern Construction structures are more technical than ever before, yes, they include elements like windows, doors, flooring, lighting, plumbing, and electrical power but they also require increased insulation, HVAC and fire prevention systems and in some cases, EM and RF shielded rooms or even entire buildings. Every one of these elements are part of the facility's infrastructure. Which is why, sealing and insulation solutions for building projects are necessary to reinforce architectural designs, safety and security.

The requirement for enhanced Acoustic and Thermal Insulation properties in modern structures demands the use of materials that are flexible, lightweight, ecologically benign, and technically advanced. Design engineers, construction workers, electricians, and HVAC specialists require seals, gaskets, and insulation that are dependable, affordable, and simple to install.

Our expertise in the Construction industry

We are the best supplier for your construction industry business due to our professional hazardous area knowledge and wide selection of pre-tested and pre-approved supplies. Our products and materials are unrivalled in the industry.

We can assist you in selecting the best sealing materials for doors, windows, skylights, hatch covers, lighting fixtures, and bespoke plastic shims. Depending on your needs, we may propose EPDM gaskets, flame-retardant profiles, or ozone-resistant materials.

We improve product designs with everything from hatch seals for HVAC systems to specialised gate seals for water filtration systems. We offer a limitless variety of Seals, Gaskets, Sheeting, Strip, Insulation, and so on. Some of our usual Construction applications include sound insulation, thermal insulation, vibration control, washers, glazing seals, intumescent seals, bulkhead seals, and so on.

Door and window sealing profiles / Garage Door Seals

Our application expertise includes folding doors, rollers, sectional doors, stacking doors, folding doors, lifting doors, sliding doors, and rollers, among others. We also create seals for all types of garage doors. It will fulfil all of your demanding door requirements, such as energy categorization, closing resistance, fire resistance, and slender design and even EM and RF shielded door seals.

  • Door and Window seals

Our Seals are intended to enhance the indoor atmosphere by keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our window seal application expertise spans all frame types, weather conditions, and manufacturing processes.  Seals fill all sorts of gaps while saving energy, eliminating draughts, having longer life span and reducing noise. The seals in windows or the framework surrounding the windows that are installed on-site are not only designed to accomplish their job when they are in place, but they are also meant to be simple to install.

  • Sliding Door and Windows seals

Whereas typical sealing alternatives on the market are prone to wear and hence have a diminished sealing effect, our sliding door and window seals exceed abrasion resistance and sliding criteria, tolerance to harsh temperatures and weather conditions, adaptability in their designs, and less raw material consumption

Construction Industry seals and gaskets

Floor and Roof sealing

Many of our seals are used in construction to detect movement, attenuate sound, prevent humidity, or separate materials between floors or in roof construction. These Seals are manufactured for the inside and outside of the building with excellent properties like Air and water tightness, sound dampening, and material barrier.

The Floor seal lowers noise and vibrations caused by floors and ceilings. It is intended to absorb movement in the joints and structural parts of a structure. Weatherproofing and heat insulation are provided by these seals, which also function as soundproofing between floors or structural parts. They can be used instead of plastic, corrugated paper, mineral wool, or glass wool.

Ventilation sealing (HVAC seals)

Heating and air conditioning systems, whether commercial or residential, must be efficient, dependable, and completely safe at all times. Common causes of HVAC unit failure, such as seal and gasket failure, overheating, and vibration damage, result in inconvenient downtime and high maintenance expenses.

We ensure that you have simple, dependable ventilation system solutions. Exceptional sealing and dampening characteristics keep particle emissions low while decreasing noise and vibration disruption. Faced with rising environmental expectations, we will contribute to your quality work by assisting you in delivering a leak-free system and giving application skills that assures a long service life for your investment.

Prefab and modular construction sealing

A broad variety of uses in prefab and modular construction necessitates a diverse approach on how to address thermal insulation, air and water tightness, and sound proofing challenges. Our solutions are designed for applications both indoors and outdoors with qualities that provide very long service life and excellent weather resistance, making them ideal for sealing, damping, and protecting in all temperature zones. Our design ensures that the fitting will go smoothly whether performed by a machine or on-site by a single service person.

Solar Panel Sealing

Solar panel gaskets must prevent leaking in an environment where fluids experience significant temperature variations. Seals are also utilised to decrease movement between the glass and the panel's structure. The drive toward lighter, thinner panels is putting more strain on all components. Solar panel seals must, of course, be UV-resistant.

EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd provides bespoke and standard sealing technologies to a variety of areas in the global building and construction industry. Our expert team technical knowledge is available to assist you in locating the precise solution you want; trust EMI Seals & Gaskets to fulfil it. We make it our mission to adhere to your commitments.

Contact our technical team to discuss your unique requirements for additional information on our prior work and expertise in the construction industry, as well as how our seals and gaskets solutions and applications might help your construction industry business.


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