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Custom Grades including MilSpec, Def STAN, NSN, AS & DTD available. Contact us for your unique requirements.

Form In Place (FIP) Gasketing Process

  • A form-in-place gasket is made by compressing a liquid gasket over a metal or plastic item prior to assembly.
  • It fits exactly to the part’s shape since it is sprayed as a liquid, independent of housing flaws.
  • The process of printing Conductive and Non-conductive elastomers is a novel and very cost effective method of producing gaskets.
  • The printed process produces a highly selective deposit resulting in negligible wastage.

Cost Effective Form In Place (FIP) Gaskets / Printed Gaskets

  • It is very cost effective against conventional gaskets cut from sheet, raised beads can be incorporated to improve stress contact, Gaskets can be printed onto a carrier (e.g. Metal or Plastic) to ease assembly and location.
  • The gaskets can be printed direct onto a component, greatly improving assembly and secondary environmental seals can be incorporated into a gasket.

Applications of Form In Place Gaskets

  • Because of their accuracy and longevity, form-in-place gaskets are employed in almost every sector. They are most typically used for EMI shielding in electronics, adhesive sealing to simplify assembly, and environmental sealing for dust or moisture protection.
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