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The ever changing Def Stan requirements can be difficult to keep on top of when working on defence projects. EMI Seals & Gaskets has a rich history in working with and providing Def STAN solutions on defence projects. Our Def STAN seals and Def STAN gasket products can be found on defence and military jets, ships, and vehicles across the globe and on the latest projects. Our ability to manufacture high quality bespoke, tailored solutions to meet DEF STAN regulations through our industry leading technical team make us an ideal partner for the defence projects.

Our unique range of test house approved materials meet Def STAN 07-247 and Def STAN 02-337, and by following our steps can alleviate the need for extensive testing. This makes them the perfect solution for defence projects. These materials meet the requirements for Def STAN 02-803, Def STAN 02-804, Def STAN 02-884, and Def STAN 02-885 as well as others.

Whilst we work with the design teams on current projects we also have the ability to reverse engineer solutions to current and obsolescent Def Stan requirements. Our involvement in a broad spectrum of Land, Air, and Sea defence systems is varied and our technical team is consistently at the forefront of innovation for the defence sector. Our projects page shows a selection of the defence projects we have recently been involved with in the design, manufacture, and supply of Def STAN seals and Def STAN gaskets.

Current Project Specific Codes

Recent projects have seen us meet the requirements for the following:

Def STAN 07-247 – Selection of Materials On The Basis Of Their Fire Characteristics

Def STAN 02-337 – Requirements For Elastomeric Toroidal Sealing Rings (‘O’ Rings)

Def STAN 02-803 – Requirements For Polymer Foam Products For Thermal Insulation

Def STAN 02-804 – Requirements For Cork Products For Thermal Insulation

Def STAN 02-884 – Submarine Enterprise Standard Quality Requirements

Def STAN 02-885 – Requirements For Fire Protection Of Electrical & Electronic Equipment on HM Surface Ships & Submarines

You can find information on each Def Stan code on the MOD website .

For more information on how our previous work and experience with Def STAN and how our approved seal and gasket solutions can benefit your defence project, please contact our technical team to discuss your specific requirements.

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