Electric Vehicles

EMI Seals & Gaskets in The Electric Vehicle Industry

Sealing of EV Vehicle charging station

An extensive EV charging infrastructure is critical for the electric car market’s continuing expansion. Battery technology is currently creating longer-lasting, quicker-charging, and much stronger batteries that require shielding from heat and environmental challenges including rain, salt spray, UV, and Ozone.

Chargers of all varieties, which are frequently found in outdoor settings with extended lifetime expectations, should allow safe charging while shielding EV battery packs from heat and environmental challenges.

Since these chargers sometimes require servicing, the gasketing materials used to bind the housing structure should create a tight seal to keep out dust, moisture, and corrosion while also permitting serviceability.

Long-term protection, resistance to temperature variations, the heat produced by electronic parts, and resistance to deterioration from outside exposure are all requirements for gaskets.

For example, a closed-cell silicone sponge gasket, tested and authorised to flame standard UL 94 V-0, and obtaining an IP67 rating provides enhanced flame protection, gives a thorough sealing solution to an EV charging port.

EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd has been developing EV solutions ranging from wet and dry battery seals to charging seals to trim and edge seals. Our revolutionary, pre-tested, and pre-approved material range along with our proven designs provide dependable and long-lasting environmental protection in addition to added toughness and longevity to enhance the future of the EV charging infrastructure.

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