Defence Lifi Project

Enclosures for Defence Lifi

Defence LiFi is the next phase of our expertise, elevating lighting gaskets to unimaginable heights. EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd has joined forces with a recognised leading LiFi company to provide a winning mix of the company’s massive industrial investment and EMI’s specialised military expertise.

What is the difference between Wifi and Lifi?

LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a technique of exchanging data that uses light, whereas WiFi uses radio frequencies.

Radiofrequency communication involves the complex use of radio circuits, antennae, and receivers, whereas LiFi is significantly simpler and employs direct modulation methods. It’s identical to the ones seen in low-cost infrared communications devices like remote control units. Because LED light bulbs have high intensities, they can reach very fast data rates.

What are the benefits of Lifi?

  • Remarkable LIFI Speed and Bandwidth

Digital signals delivered by light travel much quicker than radio waves utilised in WiFi connectivity. Li-fi technology can achieve multiple Gbps speeds in mobile devices, pushing wireless beyond present capabilities and allowing for unparalleled bandwidth. To put it another way, LiFi can transport 224GB of data every second.

  • LIFI has better security

People outside your WiFi network can intercept radio waves since they can penetrate through walls. With LiFi, the opposite occurs. In an enclosed location, data transmitted via LiFi is secure.  The light reflects off the walls and surfaces. LiFi provides additional security since it provides exact localisation for asset monitoring and identity authentication.

  • Interference-Free LIFI

LiFi allows you to connect to the internet wherever there is an LED light source. For the time being, the technology is only available in the form of LED light bulbs and desk lamps. Since LiFi signals can be determined by the area of illumination, interference is considerably easier to prevent and even eliminate.

  • LIFI has enhanced reliability

LiFi employs an LED light bulb as a medium to send data to and from a device. LED light bulbs are well known for their energy efficiency. LiFi delivers increased reliability, allowing for interference-free communications and significantly increase user experience. You could conserve energy by using LiFi because you don’t require signal repeaters, routers, and wave amplifiers that are plugged in all day.

Our role in Lifi Project?

For many years, EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd has collaborated with defence companies on both air and ship platforms. EMI Seals and Gaskets excels in providing shielding products for advanced lighting design and testing, and has become the lighting authority for numerous defence applications across the world.

The main components of the Li-Fi system are:

  1. A high brightness white LED acts as a transmission source.
  2. A silicon photodiode with a good response to visible light as the receiving element.

The Li-Fi System also consists of 4 primary sub-assemblies:

  1. Bulb
  2. RF Power Amplifier circuit (PA)
  3. Printed Circuit Board(PCB)
  4.  Enclosure

EMI Enclosures for a LIFI Project

EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd have helped to develop an optical window by designing the actual compartment (Enclosure) for the Lifi system that is capable of withstanding the strain of the lighting industry. As a team, we are delivering connectivity to military activities and revolutionising data utilisation in the defence industry.