Custom Rubber Gaskets, Seals & Mouldings

Custom Rubber Gaskets, Seals & Mouldings
Custom Rubber Gaskets, Seals & Mouldings

We produce high-quality custom rubber gaskets, seals, and mouldings to the greatest tolerances for the most demanding conditions. In a range of materials, colours, and shore hardnesses, we can manufacture innovative sealing and shielding products.

EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd has assisted businesses all over the world in overcoming some of the most challenging problems. From a one-off requirement to high volume production, our bespoke, custom rubber gaskets could be made to any profile or shape and to the highest quality.

Our in-house team can maintain uniformity in the design and precision of every component by using high-end production equipment which provides optimal durability, great performance, and the highest quality.

We have dedicated in-house gasket production capability in commercial, aerospace, and defence specifications such as ATEx, IECEx, INMETRO, EAC, PCEC, NEC, CEC, UL, Def Stan, NSF, and BASEEFA.

Our complimentary custom gasket design service

EMI Seals & Gaskets includes complimentary designs and consultancy for custom rubber, seals and gaskets. We provide end-to-end assistance and product assistance through a dedicated team of specialists. We focus on understanding your business needs, offer our suggestions, and customise the components to your specifications.

As technology evolves and clients want more from our products, our complimentary design service helps us to satisfy our clients’ requirements while also evolving and pushing limits as a company.

We strive diligently to provide an optimal solution once we understand your design parameters, desired material, and application. With years of expertise in the B2B sealing and shielding products designing, manufacturing and distribution industry, we have the ability to scale up operations and satisfy high-volume orders on demand.

If you believe you could benefit from our complimentary custom rubber gasket and seal design service, or if you need some advice, feel free to discuss your requirements by using the form on this page or contact our specialists.


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