Reverse Engineering Seals and Gaskets

The process of reverse engineering gaskets

  • Identification and selection of materials

    Our technical experts have extensive experience assisting clients in identifying materials for particular applications. EMI Seals and Gaskets’ engineers will examine your sample components, measure their qualities, and evaluate your application to identify the best and most cost-effective material(s) for the task. We also provide a materials guide for your reference to assist you in getting started with material choices.

  • Measurement and documentation of parts

    Our in-house coordinated measuring machine is used to collect precise measurements from the sample product. Based on the measurements, a fully dimensional model or CAD design is subsequently created. Further investigation is performed to confirm that the right standards and tolerances have been allocated. The comprehensive CAD drawing is subsequently transferred to our in-house CNC machines.

  • Precision Part Manufacturing

    Once your part geometry has been captured, it will never be lost and maybe correctly replicated at any time. Our competent technical staff will utilise this information, as well as an understanding of your application and material attributes, to pick and carry out the best manufacturing procedure for your item. Your gaskets will be produced in-house utilising cutting-edge technology and procedures to ensure uniformity and precision. Inspection is performed to guarantee conformity, and the quality components are subsequently shipped to the client. This, together with the engineering drawings, 2D manufacturing documentation, and 3D model of your component, will be sent to you.

Our services in addition to reverse engineering

The approach mentioned above enables us to support our clients in ways other than reverse engineering capability.
We can also assist you with

  • Providing a complimentary custom design service to transform your idea or basic drawing into a cutting-ready product.
  • Document hand-cut or custom-fabricated R&D parts quickly;
  • Control quality with consistent, operator-independent component inspections; and
  • Design and rapidly prototype novel concepts.

We collaborate with you to create and supply the seal package that is most suited to your application. Even if your item has been damaged, we can build a better replacement gasket for you, giving material suggestions, samples, and prototypes for the product design and development process. We can make sure you have the gasket you need for your equipment to function well.
EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd have experience of working with old components that have been used for many years. These parts are frequently worn out and need to be replaced, but the original designs have been lost. Maybe the component’s design features should be applied to the modern-day corresponding product.
Hands-on design and engineering expertise are essential for producing a precise representation of reverse-engineered parts, which is where we come in.

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