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Polyurethane foam has two main types: ester and ether-based. These types can be varied according to market requirements to achieve the desired properties. By changing the properties of the foam, such as its hardness and density, special effects can be achieved to meet customer demands. This makes these foams highly versatile and useful for a variety of applications such as packaging, vibration damping, sealing, and flame laminating in the textile industry, as well as upholstering.

  1. Polyester Polyurethane foam is a flexible foam that comes in different densities. It is non-reticulated and has sparkling cells, typically in a charcoal grey color. This foam is also available in a flame retardant form. It has good tensile strength and is ideal for markets that require repeated flexing. It is also well-suited for presentation display products and case inserts. 
  2. Polyether Polyurethane foam, also a flexible foam, has the added benefit of having different hardness factors depending on its density. It is widely used in the packaging industry and is considered the “workhorse” foam for the industry. There are special grades of this foam that combine functionality with performance. High Load Bearing (HLB) foam, for example, is particularly useful in the electronics industry where cushioning fragile components is crucial. Anti-static foams are also available and are designed to eliminate static potential from the foam itself, as well as dissipate electrostatic discharge from other sources.

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