414 – Polyether Urethane Foam (EU)

Temperature Range (depending on grade):

Constant Low:     -40°C                    Intermittent Low:

Constant High:    +120°C                Intermittent High:


Properties and Applications

Polyurethane can be a solid or can have an open cellular structure, in which case it is called foam… and foams can be flexible or rigid.

As a simple explanation polyurethane foam is made by reacting polyols and diisocyanates, both products derived from crude oil. A series of additives are necessary to produce high-quality PU foam products, depending on the application the foam will be used for.

Polyurethane foam has two main types: ester and ether based. Their properties can be varied in accordance with market requirements. As the hardness allocated to a given density can be changed, by changing these two properties special effects meeting customer’s demands can be achieved. Consequently, wide utilisation opportunities lie in these foams. They can be applied for packaging, vibration damping, sealing, flame laminating in the textile industry, and for upholstering.

Polyester Polyurethane foam is a flexible foam available in various densities. The foam is non-reticulated and has the appearance of sparkling cells. Typically, charcoal grey in colour this foam can also be supplied flame retardant form. Polyester foam has good tensile strength qualities and we supply this foam into markets where repeated flexing occurs. Its appearance is also well suited to presentation display products and case inserts.


Our RefDensity Kg/m³Strength KpaElongation %Compression Set MaxColour

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

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