Electric Vehicle Seal

Electric Vehicle

Electromobility is the solution to worldwide climate-friendly transportation and innovative thinking. The operation of electric cars generates significantly less CO2, especially when paired with renewable energy. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a growing market segment that includes cars, trucks, bikes, boats, eVTOL, and other vehicles.

Electric cars, infrastructure, charging stations, hydrogen refueling, and battery management systems all require seals and gaskets to protect them from rain, snow, and ice, while indoor charging stations must typically be protected from dust and other foreign items.

Some applications are more demanding than others; clearly, heat and the entry of moisture and other contaminants may have a considerable influence on battery pack performance, but battery compartment seals must also fulfil more stringent standards.

Including a thermal barrier to guard passengers from a thermal accident, offering high-level shielding while retaining a high IP environmental seal, or combining all three, a high IP, Shielded, Thermal Barrier.

Our skilled staff have worked on a wide range of projects and specifications for the electric vehicle industry. From extruded ozone and UV resistant EV battery and charging seals, to edge and trim seals. Our expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of EV seals makes us the ideal partner for your EV seal and gasket requirements.

With its wide collection of technologies and know-how, EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd is quickly becoming the go-to supplier for complete automotive solutions. Please contact our technical or relationship management teams to discuss your specific Electric Vehicle industry business requirements.