General Sealing Products

Extrusion Profiles
(Solid & Sponge)

The following highlights some of the more common profiles that we can supply in Conductive, Non-Conductive and Sponge materials.

Whilst we have included certain profiles complete with profile sizes please bear in mind our aim is to manufacture what you require, to suit your application and not sell you what we want you to buy.

If you require a certain size, style or profile please contact us immediately as we have over 2000 profile sketches that can be forwarded to you to aid you in your design. These include a multitude of Door, Glass and Panel Seals as well as ‘U’ Channels, ‘T’ Sections, Squares, Rectangles and ‘V’ Sections most of which are available in conductive, non-conductive & sponge materials.There are an infinite range of sizes, profiles and materials available so please contact our Technical Teams to discuss your requirements further.

Custom Grades including MilSpec, Def STAN, AS & DTD available. Below is a sample of common grades. Contact us for your unique requirements.

Also included in this section are samples and examples of our Met-Cloth (metallised fabric) wrap extrusions, complete with listings of the standard sizes and profiles, but again please bear in mind that we can fabricate to suit.

As well as offering a large range of extrusions we also offer a full range of design fabricating and vulcanising services, which enables us to produce a unique range of prefabricated seals and gaskets with mitred, scarf or butt joined joints using the latest vulcanising and heat sealing joining techniques.