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Custom Grades including MilSpec, Def STAN, NSN, AS & DTD available. Below is a sample of common grades. Contact us for your unique requirements.

EVA/PEVA can be typically used in suckers, gum shields, barrel bungs, ice cube trays, carrier bag handles, and flexible tubing.

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Temperature Range:

Low Temp: -70°C (-94°F) Brittle -80°C (-112°F)

High Temp: 76°C (169°F) Intermittent: 101°C (214°F)



Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as poly(ethylene-vinyl acetate) (PEVA), is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The weight percent vinyl acetate usually varies from 10 to 40%, with the remainder being ethylene.

It is a polymer that approaches elastomeric (“rubber-like”) materials in softness and flexibility. This is distinct from a thermoplastic, in that the material is cross-linking, ergo difficult to recycle. The material has good clarity and gloss, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance, hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties, and resistance to UV radiation. EVA has a distinctive vinegar-like odour and is competitive with rubber and vinyl products in many electrical applications.

Types of grade available

Injection moulding


VA – 2% up to 50%

Cross linked and expanded grades are available for cellular moulding applications

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