General Sealing Products / Solid Rubber Compound Grades

ASTM D-2000
Classification: BA

Custom Grades including MilSpec, Def STAN, NSN, AS & DTD available. Below is a sample of common grades. Contact us for your unique requirements.

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Temperature Range:

Low Temp: -56°C (-70°F) Brittle -62°C (-80°F)

High Temp: 105°C (220°F) Intermittent 120°C (250°F)



Bromobutyl rubber is a derivative of butyl rubber derived from reacting butyl rubber with bromine in a continuous process. It is structurally similar to Chlorobutyl rubber and produced through the same halogenation process.

By adjusting the additives content in Bromobutyl rubber you can alter the range of polymer viscosities and cure responses. Compared with regular butyl rubber, Bromobutyl rubber provides faster and more stable cure through carbon-carbon linking.


Low permeability to air, gases and moisture.

Low glass transition temperature similar to regular butyl.

Wide vulcanization versatility.

Fast cure rates.

Processing safety: no nitrosamines or nitrosamines precursors.