417 – Polyester Filtration Foams

Filter FR 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75, 100

Properties and Applications

EMI Seals & Gaskets offer a wide range of reticulated foams, with a uniform and controlled cell structure, which are ideal for filtration applications.

The range of filtration levels varies from 10 PPI through to 100 PPI with a standard density of 32 - 36 Kg/m³ and all carry a flammability approval of F.M.V.S.S. 302. These materials are resistant to mild acids and alkalis, fuel, organic chemicals, oils, lubricants, soaps and detergents and are most commonly used as air filters in automotive, heating and ventilation and air conditioning industries where flame retardancy is required.

ColourBlue or Grey
Density32 - 36 Kg/m³
Temp Range-40ºC to +125ºC
Elongation (%)> = 250
Tensile Strength (KPa)> = 150
Compression Resistance (CDH - 40%)-2.8 - 4.8 (KPa)
FlammabilityF.M.V.S.S. 302

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

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