324 – Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

Temperature Range:

Low Temp:           -55°C (-70°F) Brittle -60°C (-80°F)

High Temp:          105°C (220°F) intermittent 110°C (230°F)



CPE is the standardised acronym for thermoplastic chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, which is produced by chlorination of polyethylene. The chlorine content can be as high as 70% by weight, but most grades have a chlorine content in the range of 25% up to 42%.

Chlorinated polyethylene elastomers (CPE) and resins have excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as resistance to oils, temperature, chemicals, and weather. They can also exhibit superior compression set resistance, flame retardancy, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

CPE polymers can range from rigid thermoplastics to a flexible elastomer, making them highly versatile.



These polymers are used in a variety of end-use applications such as Wire and cable jacketing, Roofing, Automotive and industrial hose and tubing, Molding and extrusion, and as a Base polymer.


EMI ReferenceSpecificationShore SGTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break %Colour
324 – CPE701Good Commercial70°1.3516.5450
324 – CPE751Good Commercial75°1.3812550
324 – CPE801Good Commercial80°1.3715440
324 – CPE851Good Commercial85°1.313700
324 – CPE901Good Commercial90°1.3812770

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

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