316 – Epichlorohydrin (EO / ECO / GECO)

ASTM D-2000 classification: BG, BK, CE, CH, DH


Temperature Range:

Low Temp:    -40°C (-40°F)          Brittle -50° (-60°F)

High Temp:   125°C (260°F)         Intermittent 135°C (275°F)



Epichlorohydrins are oil resistant compounds that are available in homomer (CO), copolymer (ECO), and terpolymer (GECO) formats. This elastomer features low solvent and gas permeability; excellent resistance to ozone and weathering; and excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and fuels. The compound is very stable through fluctuating temperature applications.



Typical Applications for Epichlorohydrins are ideally used in the oil and gas industry where a little higher temperature capability than Nitrile is required. The compound is also used for fuel and air conditioning system components. Limitations: At elevated temperatures (250° to 275°F), Epichlorohydrin features only fair compression set properties. The compound possesses low resistance to ketones, ester, aldehydes, chlorinated and nitro hydrocarbons.


EMI ReferenceSpecificationMVSGTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break %Colour
316 - ECO651 Good Commercial40°1.2800Black
316 - CO501Good Commercial50°1.2700Black
316 - CO551Good Commercial55°1.2650Black
316 - ECO551 Good Commercial55°1.2650Black
316 - GECO551 Good Commercial55°1.15650Black
316 - ECO601 Good Commercial60°1.23600Black
316 - ECO651 Good Commercial65°1.22500Black
316 - GECO651 Good Commercial65°1.22500Black
316 - EO701 Good Commercial70°1.36450Black
316 - ECO701 Good Commercial70°1.27450Black
316 - GECO701 Good Commercial70°1.31450Black
316 - GECO901 Good Commercial90°1.31250Black
316 - ECO961 Good Commercial96°1.27200Black

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

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