Reinforced Viton (FKM) Rubber Sheeting

Our 303 Reinforced Viton® sheet can be manufactured to customer specification.



Reinforced Viton® material possesses a range of outstanding technical properties which make reinforced Viton® sheeting suitable for many demanding applications.

Reinforced Viton Sheeting | Viton Insertion Sheet | Viton Engineered Textiles or Fabrics are considered synonyms for the same products as technically they possess very similar characteristics.

Available as either single or multi-layer insertion, a range of custom manufacture options are available. With the finished product supplied as either cloth or smooth finish. Uncured reinforced Viton sheeting can also be supplied up to 1.85m wide, substrate options include:

  1. Rayon reinforced Viton® sheeting
  2. Nomex reinforced Viton® sheeting
  3. Kevlar reinforced Viton® sheeting
  4. Glass cloth reinforced Viton® sheeting
  5. Steel mesh reinforced Viton® sheeting
  6. Scrim reinforced Viton® sheeting
  7. Aramid reinforced Viton® sheeting
  8. Polyester reinforced Viton® sheeting
  9. Nylon reinforced Viton® sheeting
  10. Nylon leno reinforced Viton® sheeting
  11. Cotton reinforced Viton® sheeting


Reinforced Viton® Sheeting Manufacturing Guidelines:

ColourBlack and other Colours available
WidthUp to 1.85m wide depending on Substrate
GaugeFrom 0.25mm upwards
Total weight>125 G/M²
Insertion weight65 G/M² – 850 G/M²
HardnessRanging from 50° – 90° IRHD
ConstructionSingle or multi-layer construction.
Cure stateCured or un-cured supported Viton sheeting
Surface finishCloth or Smooth finish surface
Roll lengthsCustomer request (10m+), bulk roll capability
AncillariesPanel cutting, laminating, reinforced strip (slitting)
AvailabilityMade to order to customer specification. Subject to minimum order quantity

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

* The information above is supplied in good faith and believed to be correct. This information is supplied upon the condition that persons receiving this will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. EMI makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied with respect to the information or the product to which this information refers.