302 – Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)

ASTM D-2000 classification: FK


Temperature Range:         

Low:   -60°C (-100°F)        Non Brittle to -80°C

High:  +220°C (+350°F) to 280° Very Short Bursts



Fluorosilicone combines the good high- and low-temperature properties of silicone with limited resistance to petroleum based oils and/or hydrocarbon fuels. Fluorosilicone provides a much wider operational temperature range than Fluorocarbon rubbers. The Primary use of Fluorosilicone is O-rings in fuel systems and in applications where the dry-heat resistance of silicone O-rings is required.

Due to relatively low tear strength, high friction and limited abrasion resistance of these materials, they are generally recommended for static applications only. Fluorosilicone’s with high tear strength, high temperature or improved resistance to compression set are available.


EMI ReferenceSpecificationHardness IRHDSGTensile Strength (psi)Elongationat Break %Colour
302 - FS301Commercial30°1.31230200To Order
302 - FS401Commercial40°1.41190210To Order
302 - FS404Low Comp Set40°1.381250230To Order
302 - FS508High Temp50°1.491300390To Order
302 - FS601Commercial60°1.451335350To Order
302 - FS604Low Comp Set60°1.51100200To Order
302 - FS657Commercial65°1.361030310To Order
302 - FS701Commercial70°1.51200250To Order
302 - FS704Low Comp Set70°1.61000195To Order
302 - FS707DTD5583A70°1.4651420220Blue
302 - FS708High Temp70°1.471220230To Order
302 - FS801Commercial80°1.551090160To Order
302 - FS808High Temp80°1.71250130To Order

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

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