EMI Seals and Gaskets Oscillating Knife Cutter

New Oscillating Knife Cutter

New Oscillating Knife Cutter Adds Greater Versatility

EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd is pleased to announce that we have just taken delivery of our new oscillating knife cutter to add to our machinery stable.

It is the perfect complement to our waterjet and hydraulic press die-cut machines.

Our state-of-the-art continuous feed oscillating knife cutter has a 3m x 2m bed, a range of interchangeable heads including Stanley knife, drag knife, creasing knife, and kiss cutting knife, is fitted with a digital camera and is able to cut materials up to 50mm thick.

It repeatedly cuts with exacting precision, to within +/- 0.1mm on many materials.

Engineered to cut hard materials such as compressed non-asbestos, steel inserted graphite, hard rubber, cross-linked PE foams, composites, plastics, equally as well as softer more delicate materials such as foams, sponges, paper, and graphite. The continuous feed belt makes it ideal for long runs as well as lower quantity runs and special one offs.

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