EMI Seals Gaskets Free Design

The Importance Of Our Free Design Service

Client collaboration is at the heart of EMI Seals & Gaskets as a company and as part of our service we offer free seal and gasket design and consultation. We offer this and work this way to ensure the specific requirements of our clients and potential clients are met. Sometimes what is requested, what has been used previously, or what at first appears to be the obvious choice, is not always the optimum solution. Or perhaps no obvious solution presents itself. We choose to understand the application before making any recommendation on design and material. By taking this approach and working with our clients it means we are able to impart our expertise and knowledge from the initial design stage or the retro-fitting stage to make sure the solution meets the needs. Requirements change along with technology and as we as manufacturers and consumers demand more from our products, this collaborative approach allows us to meet our clients’ requisites and evolve and push boundaries as a company. If this approach and service something you think you could benefit from, or you require some guidance, then our team at EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd are waiting to hear from you.