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Flame Proof Induction Motors – New Range of Seals and Rings

EMI Seals and Gaskets Ltd have been at the forefront of cutting edge flame proof motor design in recent years. Working with a leading Japanese Manufacturer, and also a Taiwanese-American conglomerate, to provide flame proof solutions including housing gaskets, v-rings, oil seals, o-rings and full range of tested and compliant parts.

EMI Seals & Gaskets have recently designed, developed, and manufactured a new range of Oil Seals and ‘V’ Rings that were tested and passed to fit on a range of High Voltage Induction Motors being used in Hazardous area environments around the world where there are extreme testing requirements on the materials for temperature, media, dynamic parameters, and of course influences such as Ozone which High Voltage Motors produce. The client, a major multinational manufacturer, was faced with finding a manufacturer who could manufacture all the Seals and Gaskets to seal their Terminal boxes and motor case bodies, as well as manufacture the other items like O rings and Oil Seals, V Rings and Packing’s.

In 2007 our client began to realise that their Products, Drawings and Materials were becoming out of date and starting not to comply with changes in International Standards and by 2012 almost all of their products were failing to meet the latest International standards. They needed a Seal and Gasket manufacturer who could supply all their required parts to meet the very latest IEC standards. By the time they approached us at the end of April 2017 they had failed to find a single rubber manufacturer in their home country or even on their own continent who could help and evidently were faced with the possibility of only being able to sell their products in their own country.

Thankfully less than 6 months since they first contacted us, we have successfully designed, developed and tested a complete range of Seals, Gaskets, O Rings, Oil Seals, V Rings and Packing’s for their product range, not just to their complete satisfaction but also to the complete satisfaction of BASEEFA who have now fully certified the range.

We are very proud that our involvement with this multinational manufacturer represents the first time in over ninety years this company has started buying British made products from a British Manufacturer.