Knitted Mesh & Wire Products

Knitted mesh & Knitted wire products provide a very effective and affordable solution to RFI (radio frequency interference), EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) and EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse shielding as well as lightning strike protection.



All electronic equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) must be shielded from external interference sources. In addition to this, any equipment which produces electromagnetic radiation, must be isolated to prevent any degradation to the performance of surrounding electrical and electronic equipment.

Knitted wire mesh provides a perfect solution for many applications in terms of RFI/EMI/EMP Shielding, especially where it is necessary to bridge gaps and leakage points in electronic enclosures.


Our Knitted Mesh & Wire Products

EMI Seals and Gaskets produces a range of standard profiles for a wide variety of applications which include round, round with tail, double round with tail, half round (D) and rectangular sections in either an all metal configuration or with a core material which can be Neoprene (sponge or solid, Silicone (sponge or solid), or polyurethane foam. Core materials should be selected for temperature, chemical resistance and mechanical characteristics.



Most profiles are available as all mesh and all are available with an elastomer core to enhance compression characteristics and increase the deflection range. Strips and cores can be produced in many different cross sectional forms with or without ‘fins’ for mounting into extrusions. The outer layer(s) of wire mesh provide an excellent shielding whilst the elastomer or mesh core provides a high level of resiliency.

Compressed gaskets can be produced from knitted wire mesh to make ideal grounding of shielding around shafts.

Cable wrap mesh is supplied in a continuous, flattened stocking, two-ply tape for shielding around cables and loom assemblies. By overlapping the wraps, 4 layers of mesh provide an excellent shield.


The Wire

Any commercially available wire can be used although the most popular materials are Monel and stainless steel, followed by tinned copper clad steel and Aluminium. Tinned copper clad steel provides a very good magnetic corrosion resistance whereas Monel offers very good shielding performance and corrosion resistance. Monel has a high tensile strength and is most commonly used in Aluminium enclosures.

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

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