323 – Polynorbornene (PNR)

Temperature Range:

Low Temp:    -55°C (-70°F)          Brittle -60°C (-80°F)

High Temp:   105°C (220°F)        Intermittent 120°C (250°F)



Polynorbornene is obtained via ring opening polymerization of Norbornene. The polymer has a molecular weight of round 3000000 g/mol and is roughly 30 times higher than standard grades of NBR. The distribution of cis and trans groups in the polymer prevent crystallization. The polymer is amorphous with glass transition of around 37° C.

The polymer has a high affinity to hydrocarbons and can absorb around 10 times of its own weight of oil. Also 300 phr of various fillers can be added, giving a reasonable rubber compound.



Protector – Systems for personal protective equipment, Bumpers, Sock-liners, Mid-sole constructions for sport and work shoes, Protection elements for racing boots, etc.

Noise and vibration damping for rail, building and industrial applications, like feet for electronic equipment microphones, load speakers, laptop, hard disc, reading heads for streamers). Feet for washing and drying machines,
Sealing for electronic systems, Ski parts, rackets parts, Automotive parts (bumpers, door sealing, front element sealing).

High Friction
Tires, Transmission belts, Toy tires, Transport rolls for copiers and feeders (shelf life 2,5 times higher then EPDM), Climbing soles, Slip resistant out-soles, Floors, Ski parts, Racket elements.


EMI ReferenceSpecificationShore SGTensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break %Colour
323 – PNR101 Good Commercial10°0.3312580
323 – PNR201 Good Commercial20°0.3310550
323 – PNR201 Good Commercial20°0.3312620
323 – PNR301 Good Commercial30°0.3315510
323 – PNR501 Good Commercial50°0.3315.5370
323 – PNR551 Good Commercial55°0.3310.5330
323 – PNR651 Good Commercial65°0.3317.5300
323 – PNR701 Good Commercial70°0.3317200

Full data sheets for all grades are available on request.

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