Environmental Door Seal

C Wrap – Environmental seal and Shielding seal Combination

Birth of C-Wrap

If you make or are involved in Cabinets, Enclosures or Doors do you find that you have to make two or even three different configurations, depending on whether your client wants an environmental seal, a shielded seal or a combination of both.

Traditionally you might have fitted a sponge strip, or you use a form in place gasket for the environmental seal or finger stock for shielding or a combination of sponge strip and finger stock or maybe a knitted wire and sponge arrangement top meet the combination of both.

Problem with traditional sealing methods:

The trouble with this is time, planning and money, having to alter your principal design every time a client wants something slightly different, and having to hold stock of different seals and gaskets and expensive shielding materials.

What happens if the client then wants a V-0 fire rating or an ATEx/IECEx approval or a DEF-STAN grade or they need multiple gland plates or access plate covers that need Sealing and Shielding?

One company has a simple, cost effective, easily fitted and highly adaptable solution that can fulfil all your requirements and more.

  • V-0 fire rating – no problem,
  • ATEx/IECEx approval – no problem or
  • DEF-STAN grade – no problem.

Solution – Birth of C wrap

For just this type of application EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd invented ‘C’ Wrap, a combination Environmental seal and Shielding seal, that can be configured to meet even the most demanding client requirements but that can be fitted in seconds and made to fit your existing closure gaps.

‘C’ Wrap comes with a self-adhesive backing and is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, as well as variable fabric widths to meet knife edge and flange configurations. It is available as a strip or a one-piece gasket, as well as ready-to-install door/panel kits.

Closed cell or Open Cell, Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, almost any elastomeric material, Full face wrap, partial face wrap, V-0, ATEx, made to your requirements.

Our C-wrap allows enterprises to use a single build design but still offer multiple solutions without the need to modify a single fixture or fitting.

‘C’ Wraps Complement Product –  Bake & Peel

To complement our ‘C’ Wrap we also offer another bespoke product we call “Bake & Peel”, a simple, aesthetically pleasing but high attenuation solution to ensure good Shielding contact on painted and powder coated frames.

For more information, check out our infographic that outlines what a c wrap is and how it can help your business!

If you would like to know even more, our product experts are available to solve your queries 24/7. Please contact our sales department on the telephone number at the bottom of this page or email them on contact@emiseals.com, they will be delighted to help.