About us

EMI Seals & Gaskets Ltd is an ISO9001:2008 Hampshire based UK manufacturer, we are unique in the respect that we manufacture both shielding and non- shielding products. We very much pride ourselves in our product diversity and knowledge of our industry. We at EMI Seals & Gaskets have taken the knowledge that we have from both industries and applied this to enable us to not only manufacture and supply the traditional product ranges but to also take our joint knowledge forward to develop exciting new products. These new products are designed to satisfy multiple criteria such as combining high shielding and high IP levels but at far more appealing commercial costs.

Over the years EMI Seals and Gaskets have become renowned in the industry as a problem solver, helping companies worldwide to meet the ever demanding requirements of the latest legislation on harmonising standards and global markets. We at EMI Seals and Gaskets are constantly developing new products and materials, we have taken the advanced steps of investment in having our products tested ourselves to ensure that we save our clients valuable time and expense, we are unique in carrying out this process and have had a number of our products and materials tested and approved by various test houses worldwide.

We have a simple process that enables our clients to meet the new market requirements with ease, if we take for example a hazardous area product that you may wish to bring to the market place with a ATEX / IECEx certificate, you can do this quickly and easily by following a few of our simple guidelines. When submitting your product with our material to a test house anywhere in the world for certification, you can be confident that your product has already passed the Thermal and IP conditioning tests, this will eliminate any possibility of your product failing these tests, thus ensuring your product gets to the market place immediately, therefore saving endless time and expense.

We are very proud of our new developments and have been able to assist with many industries including Hazardous Area, Aerospace, Marine, Telecommunication, Automotive, Petrochemical, Aviation, Renewable Energy, Construction, Food and Beverage. But not only do we at EMI Seals and Gaskets enjoy looking after our corporate clients we also enjoy helping and problem solving for individual clients that are just looking for a small quantity or a bespoke Seal or Gasket.

Should you require any further information or advice on how we can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our sales or technical engineers. We have an attentive and professional team that will be very happy to accommodate any enquiry irrespective of size or quantity, we look forward to working with you.